About Us

PE “Vognetriv-KOMPLEKT”​


The company provides complex supplies of refractory products: it is formed refractories – a wide variety of refractory products, including fireclay bricks and ceramics, as well as unformed refractories – periclase, refractory masses, refractory mortars and refractory mixes for concrete.

PE “Vognetryv-KOMPLEKT” is a material and technical company that is dynamically developing and specializes in comprehensive provision of Ukrainian enterprises with a wide range of refractory raw materials and materials for various industries. Our company values ​​and treats its business partners with great care, who, to a certain extent, entrust us with the stability and continuity of their enterprises.

Today, our company can offer you a wide range of refractory materials and components from various manufacturers at the most optimal prices.

Design and fitting of heat generators, boilers, electric furnaces, muffles of vacuum units, production of ceramics for supplying hydrogen plants. Replacement of the embrasure and refractory ceramics of the grain dryer burner, chipboard 32(50), AVM. Production of heat-insulating plates, plugs, abmrazurs for all types of production cauldrons. Restoration of doors, vaults and heat generators. Production of individual refractory products. Consultative and technical support.